Dr. Khalid Syed Appointments

Dr. Khalid A. Syed


Dr. Syed sees patients in consultation for a variety of Orthopedic problems. He manages upper and lower extremity problems including arthritis, fractures and sports injury. 

Consultations require a referral from a licensed Ontario physician or Nurse Practitioner. The referring physician can be a family physician or a specialist. We try to book new appointments for patients within a month. 

For followup appointments, office patients should contact Dr. Syed's administrative office which is located at the Toronto Western Hospital. The office coordinates new consultations at both the Hospital and the community clinic site which currently is the Royal Health Care Clinic. 

For fracture clinic patients at the Toronto Western Hospital, we ask patients to contact the booking line at the fracture clinic directly. 

The above buttons are meant to help patients confirm or change their appointments or to remind them of the time or location if they have forgotten.